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The Irish and the Italians have long worked side by side, although there is a stronger reputation for the two working separately from one another. Many Irishman, with a lack of opportunity as far as Irish organized mobs are concerned in most areas, drifted towards the local Cosa Nostra family, they found that although they could never become a Capo, the Boss or even just a low ranking made soldier, they could become feared, powerful and well respected. Many Irish gangsters have flourished under the watchful eyes of the Italian LCN, and this page is dedicated to those Irishman who didn't side with the Irish gangs but rather went to work for the big fish in the pond.

Genovese Crime Family

"Mad Dog" Joe Sullivan
Imprisoned, life
Lucchese Crime Family

Henry Hill
Lucchese Crime Family

Jimmy "the Gent" Burke
Imprisoned, Died (1996)
Bufalino Crime Family

Francis "the Irishman" Sheeran
Imprisoned, Released (1995), Died (2003)
Late 1980s-Present
Gambino Crime Family

Eddie Boyle
Imprisoned (Release: 02/21/2013)
LaRocca-Genovese Crime Family

John "Duffy" Conley
Imprisoned, Released (2009)