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The Irish Mob is the oldest criminal organization in America, however never received the notoriety of the Italian La Cosa Nostra, partially because of the fact the Irish Mob was never as organized, powerful or profitable as La Cosa Nostra. The Irish have given America Prohibition era gangs in Chicago, mobs in New York and Boston. The Irish have also given freelance gangsters such as Vincent Coll and Joe Sullivan, as well as an array of "connected guys" such as Henry Hill, Jimmy Burke and Eddie Boyle.

Gang (Members)
Current/Last Boss
Notable Past Members
New York
The Westies
John "Little Jackie" Coonan, III
Jimmy Coonan, Francis "Mickey" Featherstone, Eddie "the Butcher" Cummiskey, Jimmy "Mac" McElroy, Owney "the Killer" Madden, Mickey Spillane, Tom Devaney, Billie Beattie, Tommy Hess, Richard "Mugsy" Ritter, John "Jackie" Coonan, Jr., Richie Ryan, Bosco Rondonjich, Peter "Squint" Sheridan, John "Cockeye" Dunn, Kevin Kelly, Kenny Shannon, Billy Bokun, Johnny Halo, Eddie Sullivan, Tom Kapatos
Winter Hill Gang
George "Georgie Boy" Hogan
Jimmy "Whitey" Bulger, John Shea, Howie Winter, James "Buddy" McLean, Salvatore "Sal" Sperlinga, Vincent "Jimmy the Bear" Flemmi, Stevie "the Rifleman" Flemmi, Johnny Martorano, Eddie "Mac" MacKenzie, Patrick Nee, Kevin "Two" Weeks, Joseph "Joe Mac" McDonald
Celtic Club
Danny "the Irishman" Greene (1977)
John Nardi, Keith Ritson, Kevin McTaggart, Brian O'Donnell, Danny Green Jr., Bill Duffy
St. Louis
Egan's Rats (300-400, 1912)
William "Dint" Colbeck (1924)
Thomas "Snake" Kinney, Thomas Egan, Harry "Cherries" Dunn, John "Pudgy" Dunn, William "Skippy" Rohan, David "Chippy" Robinson, Frank Hackethal, Fred "Killer" Burke
North Side Gang
Dion "Deanie" O'Banion, George "Bugs" Moran, Myles O'Donnell, Francis Cavanaugh, Roger Touhy, Frank McErlane, James "Big Jim" O'Leary, Terry "Machine Gun" Drugan
Connected Irishman
Jimmy Burke, Henry Hill, Eddie Boyle, Joe Sullivan, Francis Sheeran
K & A Gang (North Philly Mob)
Other Irish Gangsters
John Patrick Looney, "Dapper" Danny Hogan, Danny Walsh
New York
The White Hand Gang
Dennis "Dinny" Meehan, "Wild" Bill Lovett, Richard "Peg Leg" Lonegan