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Date of Birth: May 6th, 1937
Place of Birth: Allesandria Della Rocca, Sicily
Date of Death: N/A
Place of Death: N/A
Gang Affiliation: Trafficante Crime Family
Rank: Boss (current)

Vincent LoScalzo was born on May 6th, 1937 in Allesandria Della Rocca, Sicily. He would immigrate to the United States with his family first to New Orleans, later to Tampa. Organized crime was in LoScalzo's blood as his father known on the streets as "the Big Hammer" found work for the Trafficante Family prior to Vincent himself. LoScalzo began his career in the liquor industry under the watchful eye of Tony "Doc" Castellana. LoScalzo began associating with friends of his father which in turn introduced him to third generation Tampa mobsters such as Frank Albano.

LoScalzo & Albano quickly developed a business relationship as they formed a company known as SAL Incorporated. With this company the two young aspiring mobsters bought a bar and named it Mike's Lounge. The Lounge which LoScalzo & Albano purchased was transformed in to a criminal paradise. Gangsters frequented the bar, the bar also had its fair share of illegal activities ongoing as gambling, drug deals and stolen goods could frequently be found at Mike's Lounge. The State Beverage officials had had enough of the criminal activity and forced LoScalzo to sell Mike's Lounge which he did, to a man who was connected with both the Tampa Trafficante Crime Family and the New York Gambino Crime Family.

LoScalzo became the driver for Santo Trafficante, Jr. who at the time was at the helm of the Trafficante Crime Family. Trafficante, Jr. took a liking to LoScalzo so much so that LoScalzo was molded by Trafficante to eventually succeed him as Godfather of the Tampa Mafia.

In the fall of 1992, LoScalzo found himself in the news when federal authorities unveiled an affidavit regarding the Key Bank. The Key Bank had previously issued a loan of $120,000 to Vincent LoScalzo to purchase Brother's Lounge, a bar ran by the Pupello brothers.